About Us

ADDK Consulting Engineering & Trading Ltd. Co. is an engineering office which aims to give the best service on casting products either to its customers or suppliers. Our main target is to find suitable solutions for your casting demands.

Our high skilled metallurgy engineers are in reaserch of suitable suppliers for your needs. Besides, we handle all quality control activities from the beginning until the end of the production of your parts. Our engineers perfom first article inspections, intermediate controls and end controls on your ordered casting parts, prepare the reports with visual objects. Chemical analysis reports, mechanical or NDT test reports, dimension control reports are being sent together with our report. We also follow the current state of the orders and inform you via weekly reports in order to avoid bad surprises in delivery times.

ADDK can also take over the order completely and perform the production of the parts 100 % under our guarantee. We are currently in contact with over 20 various sized foundries in Turkey and can supply casting parts starting from 0,1 kg. upto 60 tones one single piece either as raw cast or machined product. We also apply the same control stages on our orders and our customers receive weekly reports proving the quality of their products and actual production state from us. Quality and delivery of the parts are 100 % under our guarantee.

Our mission is to reduce your costs, increase the quality of the parts and deliver on time…

Hope to have a co-operation soon.

ADDK Consulting Engineering Trading Ltd. Co.

Kuntay TASER